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Top 10 Bluetooth Speakers in India 2022

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Bluetooth is the new common keyword that we get to hear regularly. Especially the Bluetooth speakers are in so much trend currently like every other hand can be seen carrying. As it provides lots of benefits, then why not use it for your best purpose.

Bluetooth speakers are just like loudspeakers, it’s just that they have now become portable and can be carried anywhere and anytime with you. All you need is a good charging backup so that you don’t have to look at it again and again.

Bluetooth speakers have become the trend currently. All the young crowd out there like to hear loud music with great bass and hence there could not be anything better than owning a good quality Bluetooth speaker, which can last with you for almost a lifetime.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best Bluetooth speakers currently available in the market. We will tell you why they are best for you and how it is worth enough to buy a portable loudspeaker.

1) Musi High 

Looking for something high, something new then Musi High is here to entertain you with its loud music and great bass. It opens up the next level of listening to music, good battery life is the key feature to be considered while buying these Bluetooth Speakers. The Teal shade and good metal body make it look strong and classy in design. Within three hours of charge, you get 15 hours of battery life. 

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2) Aqua Beats 

High beat volume and good sound quality, make Aqua Beats one of the most desirable Bluetooth speakers in the market. This box-type speaker is made of a good metal body and its elegant layout makes it durable and hard that lasts for a longer period. Combine well and let you enjoy the music on the go. Looking for a portable speaker then Aqua Beats is the right option.

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3) Brownie 2

Brownie 2 is probably one of the cutest Bluetooth speakers ever invented. Small in size and light in weight, speakers are the best in terms of portability. This speaker is a perfect example of a small packet with a big bomb because the voice quality and sound bar it provides are appreciative and the layout will melt you to buy these latest Bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth Speaker

4) BT Speaker Zest 

This pouch-like speaker has a great battery life with a high level of bass. You can take this speaker anywhere and use it to your best as it is minimal in size and can fit anywhere in your backpack. BT Speaker Zest is most recommended to opt for when it comes to outdoor activities and travel. Hence on your next trip do not forget to carry your smart Bluetooth speaker with you. 

Bluetooth Speaker

5) Musi Cube X1 

This red elegant colour of the speaker is worthy enough to attract your attention towards it. Being cubical in shape with speakers on both the side music quality offered is the top most. Play anything whether a music or video device is ever ready to provide your best service without any interruption. One-time battery charge gives you a single charge of six hours. 

Bluetooth Speaker

6) Octane 40 sound bar

The sound bar is the new trend in the market generally kept around tv so that all your audio activities can be done via it. Now watching a movie or web series has become easier and more feasible with the best Bluetooth speaker, Octane 40 sound bar. The sleek design and hard metal make it the best and most desirable sound bar in the entire market.

Bluetooth Speaker

7) Musi Twin speakers

Two is always better than one and hence in terms of listening to music, having two Bluetooth speakers at a single point in time is the best. Double the speakers mean double the quality of sound and music. With waterproof technology, it is the best speaker for someone like you who is so much into music. Battery life is great and the bass quality won’t be able to resist you dancing over the song played on it.

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8)Super Lite portable speaker

Super Lite portable speaker gives you the feeling of owning a large music system. Having strong Bluetooth connectivity it can get connected anytime and anywhere with almost no troubles. Being light in weight and portable, it is the best speaker if you are someone whose life revolves around music and cannot end his day without it.

Bluetooth Speaker

9) RGB Gem portable speaker

This colourful yet black theme-based Bluetooth speaker is currently very high in demand in the market. Having a sleek metal body from the outside and protective coverage from the inside RGB Gem portable speaker is worth investing in as the sound, volume and bass quality are worth appreciating. The shape and design of the speaker are so unique that saying no to it is a bad deed. Looking for something vast then RGB Gem Portable speakers are here.

Bluetooth Speaker

10) Thunder 2.1 multimedia speaker

Looking for a speaker that can help you play games, watch movies, web series or entertainment shows at a large scale then nothing is better than Thunder 2.1 multimedia speakers. It is a set of three speakers, one big speaker and two small ones, greater the sound, the more is fun to enjoy the music at a large scale and immerse yourself in the world where you can have the most fun. 

Thunder Bluetooth Speaker


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